Even Trump’s Racist S**tstorm Has A Silver Lining – And This Is It (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Featured Image: Screenshot Via Twitter.

While daily polls continue to show that Donald Trump will most likely lose the 2016 presidential election, his cult following has revealed a dark side of America. A side that hides behind Conservative Christian values…

The Republican Party

Way back in 2015, when Trump announced his candidacy, he called Mexicans “rapists” and “murderers” in his first speech. A statement now filled with hypocrisy after he admitted to sexually assaulting women and leering behind Hillary Clinton during the second debate.

Yet the comment that threw an entire race of people under the bus didn’t stop him from becoming the party’s official nominee.

Along the way, he’s made countless remarks that should have taken him out of the running, such as suggesting those who bear arms “do something about” Hillary Clinton supposedly wanting to take away the Second Amendment. There was also that time he asked his supporters to punch anyone protesting at his rallies, right in the face.

Afterwards, he said:

“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your legal fees.”

While many people have gasped at these and other remarks over the past year, Trump has maintained a loyal fan base. Not enough to elect him into office, but enough to wake the rest of up to the truth that’s often hidden behind his selective verbiage…

Misogyny And Racism

It wasn’t until that tape emerged of him and Billy Bush, in which they glorified sexual assault, that some of his voters changed their mind. Republicans like Paul Ryan immediately withdrew their support.

They could tolerate him spewing racist comments, but not degrading women.

Not pushing back against Trump when he attacked women, who make up a good chunk of their voter base, could hurt their chances of reelection.

Yet many Trump supporters are still coming out in droves and attacking the media for suggesting that he admitted to committing sexual assault. Twitter and Facebook are now filled with comments and memes that shame women, including one meme of Beyoncé dancing on stage with a picture of Michelle Obama to the left.

It suggests hypocrisy on behalf of the Obama’s for being offended by Trump and saying Beyoncé is a role model.

The hashtag #itsnotokay emerged right after the now infamous tape, bringing thousands of women together to share their horrific experiences with sexual assault.


It was met with backlash from Trump supporters who shamed them and suggested it didn’t happen or they wanted it.

Over a dozen women have now come forward with accusations against Trump, saying he did to them exactly what he bragged about doing.

His supporters have chided them, indicating it didn’t happen since it wasn’t reported at the time and had no other witnesses. They don’t believe that a man who will bully anyone who doesn’t support him in this election could intimidate a woman from coming forward about sexual assault.

Clinton supporters are beginning to let out a big sigh of relief knowing she has an extremely good chance of winning this election, but becoming president is just the beginning of a long journey for Hillary. Trump supporters despise her and Clinton supporters despise him.

So thank you, Donald Trump, for exposing the nasty underbelly of this country. We really do need to make it great again.

Check out this video in which America Ferrera and Lena Dunham talk about Trump’s hate:

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