Roger Stone Is Cooking Up Something For Trump That Is Making Experts Cringe (VIDEO)

Loyalists of the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, are planning their own crowd-funded exit polling this season in an attempt to prove dishonesty within the voting system.

Trump’s notorious informal advisor, Roger Stone, will be heading up the event and has chosen some unusual places to focus his polling. The group has selected 600 precincts within nine cities to conduct their exit-polling.

The problem with this whole project is, all nine cities are Democrat lead and experts believe they may be pushing those places in order to bully voters.

Over 1,300 volunteers from the grassroots campaign, Citizens For Trump will be flooding Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Milwaukie, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte, Richmond, and Fayetteville; all located in swing states.

David Paleologos, a polling expert and Director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, explained that polling is usually conducted in locations where the percentage of voters for either party is relatively close. Paleologos stated:

“It doesn’t sound like that’s a traditional exit poll. It sounds like that’s just gathering data, in heavily Democratic areas for some purpose. It doesn’t sound like exit polling.”

After Trump came out during a rally in Ohio and stated that he would not challenge the results of the election, if he won, Stone backed him by saying:

“To those who say that it would be un-American to challenge the election on the basis that it was rigged, I would argue it would be un-American to have evidence of that rigging and not challenge the election.”

For this reason, Stone will be focusing his efforts on making sure that voting machines are not stolen or hacked in nine of the swing state’s largest cities. It almost sounds like he may be covering up an ulterior motive when moving into these areas that could push the vote further in The Donald’s favor.

Regardless, with the amount of scandal and disgusting behavior shown by Trump over the last several months, Stone could stand at every polling center in the country and still see the majority of votes go to the Democratic candidate in Blue.

Featured Image Via National Review

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