Trump Jr.: ‘We Were Spoiled In The RIGHT Way’

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican nominee for president Donald Trump, said that he and his siblings were “spoiled in the right way” by their billionaire father.

Trump Jr. is the eldest son and first child of the Trump clan. He is currently the executive vice president of the Trump Organization. His siblings include Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, and Baron.

In an interview with KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson, Trump Jr. said:

“To say we weren’t spoiled would be laughable.”

Laughable? No. Obviously not, as he went on to say that yes, they were all spoiled… Sort of:

“…We were spoiled, but we were spoiled in the right way. They really stressed education, we got to do cool things, we got to travel. So we had an amazing childhood, but they always made sure that we worked.”

In other words, they got a wonderful education, food, and a roof over their heads. That’s wonderful, and as it should be for every child. They’ve never known the word “No” or “we can’t afford it” as so many children these days do. That’s also wonderful, but to say they weren’t spoiled is like saying a

Trump Jr. went on to claim that he and his siblings weren’t spoiled financially at all during their childhoods.

“I got Nintendo when everyone else got Sega. It wasn’t like, ‘Make your bed and go get whatever you want.’ It was jobs that took time – you learned the pride of work, the dignity of work, and what that meant.”

At present, Trump Jr. is combining his real estate experience with absolutely no political experience in order to help with his father’s campaign for president. He served as a New York delegate to the Republic National Convention.

And, because he and his siblings never were, and still aren’t spoiled, the eldest three will take over the Trump Organization entirely if Donald Sr. is elected president.

Watch this video that looks at the Trump family’s finances:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.