Stephen King Tweets The Scariest Thing He’s Ever Written

Stephen King is a master when it comes to writing thrilling suspense. He is responsible for contemporary classics, most of which have been hugely successful as both novels and films. The Shining, It, Pet Cemetery, Misery, Carrie — the list goes on and on. This literary master has just sent out an epic tweet:

To many, the idea of this is indeed a horror story. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has divided this nation. Trump scares Mr. King and so many people around the world because of who he has shown himself to be. This is not the first time King has shared his fears of a Trump presidency.

Let’s break it down simply: As far as we know, Trump doesn’t pay taxes. He wants to blanket ban all Muslims. He has encouraged violence. He has implied Mexicans are rapists. He has mocked people. He calls people losers. He is narcissistic, sexist, shallow, and arrogant. You might be horrified by some or all of this. These are indefensible traits.

It really does seem that truth is stranger than fiction. The fact that this is a description of a presidential candidate for the United States in the year 2016 does feel like a nightmare.

The scariest part of all? His blind supporters, who stand by him regardless of all the evidence showing how horrible this man is.

This horror story really is about the many people who seem not only willing to overlook these horrific character traits, but to actually vote for him to be our leader.

King has also recently tweeted his fears about having Trump anywhere near nuclear weapon access:

In defense of the women who’ve accused Trump of sexual assault, King tweeted:

This election has had people on edge. Never has there been a campaign with so many shocking character revelations.

Stephen King is a long time critic of Trump, once suggesting a slogan for Trump’s campaign

“If you’re white, you’re alright!”

Stephen King also wrote The Shawshank Redemption, which is about people on a long, painstaking journey towards justice and freedom. Let’s hope this is the Stephen King story that comes to life in November.

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video