FBI Reviewing Clinton Emails Found While Investigating Anthony Weiner (VIDEO)

Leave it to that pathetic loser, Anthony Weiner, to mess things up for the campaign of the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. I bet Huma Abedin is kicking herself for not dumping him earlier.

The FBI Announcement

On October 28, 2016, FBI Director James Comey informed Congress that the Bureau had learned of new emails that might be relevant to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized primate email server.

The FBI planned to review the emails to determine whether they were relevant to the Clinton case and, if so, how. Comey stated that the agency learned of the emails in an unrelated criminal case, which he did not identify.

Naturally, the news media jumped the gun and concluded that the Clinton investigation was back on. And just as naturally, the truth was not so simple.

Weiner and Clinton Emails?

As it turns out, the emails that concerned the FBI were found on a device owned by Anthony Weiner. Yes, that Anthony Weiner, the one who couldn’t keep from sexting on his cell phone.

He is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, who was Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff when she was Secretary of State. Abedin remains one of Clinton’s closest aides. Abedin announced that the couple were separating after his latest sexting scandal.

According to the New York Times, the FBI was investigating text messages that Weiner allegedly sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. In that investigation, the FBI examined the devices and computers that Weiner used. One of the devices also contained emails that the FBI determined might be related to the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.

Not A Reopening

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claims that Comey’s letter indicates that the entire investigation into Clinton’s email server is back on. They’re salivating over the possibility that Clinton’s campaign could go down in flames. However, that’s not what’s happening here.

Back in July, Comey testified before Congress that the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email server was complete and the agency did not recommend that anyone be charged criminally. He also said that Clinton had been very careless with classified information.

His October 28 letter informs Congress that the FBI will examine the emails found on Weiner’s computer to determine whether they contain classified information. Comey doesn’t know how long it will take or what he will find.

What Remains The Same

Still, it’s highly unlikely that any new information would change the ultimate outcome of the investigation. After all, Comey said back in July that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton without evidence that she either intentionally or recklessly shared classified information.

Does anyone really think that the evidence will appear on Anthony Weiner’s computer?

Watch this news clip for more information:

Featured Image Via U.S. Dept. Of State/CC-0 And Talk News Service/CC-NC-2.0 Via Flickr

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