An 8-Year-Old Boy Dressed As Hillary For Halloween, So Bigots Attacked Him On Social Media

On Sunday, a young boy from Brooklyn, New York, decided to dress as Hillary Clinton as a show of support for the Democratic candidate. His proud mother tweeted out this photo of her son:

It was later explained by the mother that her daughter had originally agreed to be Hillary for Halloween, but backed out:

But the kid might just as well have dressed as Charles Manson. Judging by the comments from narrow-minded asshats on Twitter, Manson is exactly the kind of role model they would prefer:

If you were in need of something to truly terrify you on this 2016 Halloween, go to Twitter and see some of the other hateful crap spewed out in the direction of this brave kid. Time to put them all back in the basket of deplorables and ship them to Donald at Trump Tower. He’s gonna need some unskilled and brainless workers to help clean up the mess he’s caused.

Featured Image Via Twitter