Cheerleaders Who Posted Racist KKK Snapchat Get Suspended (TWEET/VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump won the state of Kansas by almost 250,000 votes, with incumbent Senate Republican Jerry Moran and incumbent Representative Kevin Yoder also winning big. Kansas is a deep red state, but Lawrence, the home of the University of Kansas, is somewhat of a Liberal life raft in a Conservative sea.

Even these Liberal bastions aren’t safe from some pretty tasteless Trump supporters.

The University of Kansas cheerleading squad is proof positive. The Snapchat picture that three male cheerleaders posed for and one female cheerleader posted have been deleted, and accounts made private. However, not before the Snapchat spread all over.

This is the Snapchat that the fourth student posted:

Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

And this is the message from that student who posted the picture (from the now private account):

That would be three cheerleaders in KU Christmas sweaters spelling out “KKK.” The picture itself would be relatively harmless, but the extra text, which says “Kkk go trump,” pushes it over the edge.

The KU athletics program was notified, and they quickly responded:

The University of Kansas also called the incident “unacceptable.” Sophomore Lili Gagin, who originally posted the picture on Snapchat, tweeted (and later went back and deleted) that her phone was taken from her at a party, and also stated:

“I’m appalled that a Snapchat was put out on my Snapchat and posted to my account. I would never [have] done that & I apologize that it happened.”

Kansas appears to be a hotbed for Donald Trump, as he has already named Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo as his Director of the CIA.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is in the running to be the head of Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is also reportedly being considered for a cabinet position.

The four cheerleaders involved with the offensive picture may have been suspended, but these Trump cabinet picks should scare anyone. Sam Brownback, in particular, has done his best to wreck the Kansas economy and destroy the public school system.

However, I’m sure Trump wants nothing to do with these Kansas cheerleaders. After all, he did disavow white nationalists.

Featured Image via Twitter