Mike Pence Has The Most Ironic Doppelganger – HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

It turns out that once gay-conversion therapy believer, Mike Pence has a very interesting lookalike. Social media has shown that an Australian ex-porn star called Brad Patton shares quite a likeness with Vice President elect Mike Pence, as noted here on Facebook:

Many ‘preachers’ turn out to be the very thing they spout hatred towards, however in this case these two men just happen to look like each other.

A Note On Gay Conversion Therapy

Trying to make gay people straight is pointless. Homosexuality is ubiquitous; people are born gay, stay gay, and die gay.

The only reason gay people stay in the closet is because so many other people and groups consider homosexuality to be a “bad” or “unnatural” thing.

Being gay is 100 percent natural, and trying and convert people to straight, is an absolute violation of basic human rights. It would mean so much to children who know they are ‘different’ to be embraced, included, and accepted 100 percent by society, instead of being scorned. The psychological damage done to gay people in the form of conversion therapy or people in society saying it is unnatural or a ‘sin’, cannot be measured.

Image Via Snopes.
Image: Brad Patton Via Snopes.

Pence’s anti-gay attitude is sure to do harm.

There was one thing President-elect Donald Trump said during his campaign that I often think about. At one stage, it seemed that Trump was told by his keepers to be less racist. He seemed to flip-flop on a few things and explained that he wanted to come up with something “fair” and that he didn’t want to hurt people.

If only he really meant this!

Image: Via Snopes.
Image: Real Young Mike Pence – Via Snopes.

So much of what he has said and done has already hurt many people and choosing conservative, anti-science, anti-gay Mike Pence as a running mate is just one of them.

Watch this clip of Mike Pence, the single most anti-LGBT Vice President-elect in American history:

Featured Image Screenshot via Facebook.