Kansas School District Bans Safety Pins Over Non-Existent ‘Disruptions’ After Election (VIDEO)

After President-elect Donald Trump was announced the winner, many of us who are in minority groups were (and still are) afraid to voice their opinions. Trump wants to take away rights from many groups, so Liberals started a movement to protest Trump’s hatred of women, Black people, the LGBT community, and every other minority you can think of.

The idea is that someone wearing a safety pin is safe to talk to. They are not going to judge you or say ugly things to you. People were posting selfies wearing safety pins saying that we are a “safe place.”

A school district in Kansas is fighting against this movement. The Shawnee Mission School District in Overland Park, Kansas has banned both teachers and students from wearing safety pins to school.

They view the safety pins as a political statement and are worried that it would cause “disruptions.”

Parents and other members of the community opposed the ban. People from all parties are wearing the safety pins. One person who spoke said people wear crosses for their religion. Everyone has the right to express themselves.

The issue was discussed amongst a packed room during the school board’s meeting on Monday night. Many people were disagreeing with the school’s decision.

There was one comment in particular that offended many people. Superintendent Jim Hinson said that banning the safety pins is the same as the district’s ban on Confederate flags in school.

Parent Jeff Passan said:

“You are wrong, and you are dragging the good name of the Shawnee Mission School District with you. The Confederate flag represents hate and divisiveness. The safety pin is love and inclusiveness.”

Teachers should be safe to talk to. Many students are afraid of what will happen when Donald Trump becomes president. We need to stick together because love will always trump hate.

Here is a news clip about the issue:

Featured image via Twitter.

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