Al Gore Dismisses Activists’ Fears About A Pro-Coal Trump Presidency (VIDEO)

Americans make up just 5 percent of the world’s population, but they utilize a quarter of the coal, 26 percent of the oil, and around 27 percent of the world’s natural gasses.

The United States is a superpower of pollution, and former Vice President Al Gore is fixing to mitigate some of the damage stemming from out of control polluting – even after President-elect Donald Trump steps into the White House.

Al Gore Calls Out The Coal Industry’s Darling President

Al Gore has mentioned that the green gas emissions from North American manufacturing will still fall, even if Trump is positioning himself as a pro-coal president. An ardent climate activist, Al Gore remarked that companies should position themselves to help fight incredulous gas emissions.

Al Gore has collaborated with current President Barack Obama “almost guarantee” meeting the 26 and 28 percent targets between 2005 and 2025.

Al Gore has heeded the calls of younger Americans to reel in environmental abuse, stating that companies are finding that young customers and employees wanted environmentally friendly, less polluting products.

Not to mention that the cost of renewable energy has fallen below the cost of coal-powered manufacturing. In the past couple of years, solar technology has become much more efficient, with prices plummeting by 70 percent in some areas.

Environmental Activists, Don’t Write off Trump?

Even though many have accused Trump’s administration of aligning itself with racism and xenophobia, it has been rebutted as a political smear. Al Gore also wants the environmental activist community to ignore Trump’s remarks and actions completely, and stop being prejudiced.

Al Gore also has said that activists shouldn’t be so quick to expect Trump to ditch the 2015 Paris Agreement. This agreement had almost 200 nations pledged to end the fossil fuel era by shifting to renewable energy sources by the second half of this century.

Al Gore wrote off Trump’s anti-climate stance as a catastrophe, and now he is positioning Trump as a potential leader in environmentalism.

Even though Trump has actively dismissed the idea of man-made climate change, do you think Trump will move forward to ensure the planet is here for future generations?

What do you think of these inconsistencies?

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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