Idiot of The Day: Rep. Kevin Cramer Throws Tantrum over Pipeline Shut Down (VIDEO)

Featured Image Via YouTube Videos.

In a massive turn of events, it was reported a short time ago that the Dakota Access Pipeline will NOT be allowed to continue construction on Standing Rock Reservation, by order of The Army Corp Of Engineers.

Native Americans, environmentalists, and those of us who enjoy clean water for drinking and bathing are extremely overjoyed. This comes after months of struggle and unrest at Standing Rock.

Water protectors have endured violence at the hands of law enforcement and private security personnel. This is indeed a huge victory or as my hero Bernie Sanders would say, Yuuuge!

That being said, not everyone is celebrating.

Apparently, some people lack morality and a taste for clean drinking water. Unfortunately, an elected official is stamping his feet and crying as we speak. Republican Congressman, Big Oil lackey, and cry baby Kevin Cramer threw a bitch fest in the form of a statement to the press tweeted by North Dakota GOP official Frank Thorp.

That sounds like a plea for attention from a sore loser. He called the president lawless and the protests criminal behavior. Whats truly lawless is refusing to recognize and honor the 1851 treaty that protects that land.

Criminal behavior is shooting peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and water cannons in below freezing temperatures.

Furthermore, most people are all for building infrastructure. Especially, since our current infrastructure is on a decline of disastrous proportions.  However, there is a cause for concern when infrastructure projects desecrate burial grounds and contaminate water.

Lastly, when did Kevin Cramer become an advocate for infrastructure?

It seems whenever a bill comes along to restore our crumbling roads and bridges his party swiftly rejects it. I guess he’s only for infrastructure when it involves torturing Native Americans and poisoning water. Would the Gentleman From North Dakota and Idiot of The Day sit down and shut up?

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

Dave Christopher resides in Harlem with his partner actress and musician Carla Ogden.Together they are dedicated to many progressive causes. He is a fan of the New York Giants and a professional wrestling enthusiast. He loves music and biking.