Hateful Online Trolls Attack 7-Year-Old Syrian Girl For Documenting Life In Aleppo (TWEETS)

Bana Alabed is a 7-year-old girl who lives in the hell of Aleppo, Syria. This brave little girl has been sharing what her daily life if like on Twitter for the past few months, but now some hate-filled jerkweeds on social media have decided to question whether or not Bana is even real.

Monday, Bana sent out a tweet which read:

But despite the horrible day-to-day existence of this child, moronic cretins have been heaping abuse onto Bana, with some saying her mother, Fatemah, has created a fake Twitter account, and others alleging that her father is actually a terrorist:


Not long after the trolling escalated, Bana’s mother was able to get the Twitter account verified as a way of proving the validity of the family’s situation inside the Syrian war zone. Her mother sent out a message to the world:

This girl and her family, along with the 200,00 or so residents who remain in Aleppo, need our prayers and our support. They most certainly don’t need to be subjected to even more hatred just because they are daring to document what life is like under Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Godspeed, Bana. May you soon be safe and secure in a new place where all around you there is only peace, love, and tolerance.

UPDATE: After Bana’s Twitter account went silent for more than 24 hours, people began speculating that the child and her family had died as a result of airstrikes in Aleppo. But AFP reports Bana and her family are safe, at least for now.

Featured Image Via Twitter