NY Woman: ‘I Don’t Want To Sit Next To Black People’ – Stabs Black Passenger In Face (VIDEO)

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Welcome to Trump’s AmeriKKKa!

Obviously, you don’t need me to tell you what happens… Crazy racist chick in transit loses her shit when kind Black passenger offers up seat, and she goes all “slasher film” on his face. (Or was it a her? Stay tuned; here are the details.)

As reported by Rawstory:

“A woman has been taken into custody after allegedly stabbing a transgendered black man in his face when he offered his seat Sunday night on the subway, only to have her say, ‘I don’t want to sit next to black people.'”

“Stephanie Pazmino, 30, was taken into custody and charged with assault as a hate crime, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon after assaulting Ijan DaVonte Jarrett.”

When asked, Jarrett reported he offered his seat to Pazmino. But she refused.

“I got up anyway and said to her that she didn’t have to sit next to me. I took a seat across from her and just forgot all about it.”

Image By Kyle Neven, Liberal America

Police reports confirmed Jarret’s recount. The unhinged woman attacked him violently, punching him, and then attempted to get off at his stop. Bless his beautiful heart, he didn’t even know he had been stabbed.

Not until bystanders stepped in to help.

But “Ms. Crazy Racist” didn’t stop at the face-slashing. Oh no! Jarrett was also brutally macheted in his left arm by Pazmino with the YUGE two-inch bladed knife. Thank Sweet Baby Jesus the police took it off her before embedding the weapon into one of the officers on the scene.

“I ran to the ticket booth to ask the attendant to call the police, she stated that she did, and that I should sit down. And I passed out after that, Jarrett said.”

Emergency personnel took him to Harlem Hospital.

Cops busted Pazmino at the corner of 125th St. and Lexington Ave. and the charges are epic:

  • Assault as a hate crime
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Weapons possession

According to the New York Daily News, Jarret said that that he is unsure if his being transgendered played into the attack or not. Jarret was ultimately taken to a local hospital and was listed in stable condition.

Check out this video of racists emboldened by Trump’s win:

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