When Simple Math Stymies–Trump Endorser Says 99 Out Of 100 Is Not Clear Majority (VIDEO)

Many members of the Republican Party are in deep denial when it comes to the threat posted by Russia and its thuggish, mass murdering president, Vladimir Putin. Even though the CIA, FBI, and Office of National Intelligence have stated that Russia did indeed hack computer networks and influence the 2016 election, some GOPers just will not accept the fact Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.

Congressman Chris Collins of New York is one of those who simply will not accept evidence of Russian interference in the election. Collins was asked by CNN’s Jim Sciutto what he thought of the fact that 99 of the 100 members of the United States Senate say evidence of Russian hacking exists. Sciutto told Collins:

“You have the Senate, all 100 senators or 99, say Graham and McCain — who are Republicans by the way. What is there to debate about Russia’s role in hacking the U.S. election?”

Proving his own ignorance and inability to use reason or logic, Collins replied:

“Well, again, it is 95 percent stated, not 100 percent. And President Obama is the one who said he is going to take action and he has 25 or so days to do that. So I would leave this with President Obama. If he is going to take some actions, to send a signal, let him do so. he is still president. He’s been a weak president but nevertheless he did say he would take some steps. Whether he does or not, I think I would leave that to President Obama and let President Trump, starting January 20 or 21, deal with the ongoing issues. And I have every confidence that President Trump is going to send the message: don’t mess with the United States of America.”

Yeah, Trump is gonna be real tough on the country and leader that helped him win the election. Are you kidding me, Congressman?! And as for calling President Obama weak, do you fully understand what a feckless little worm you are for saying that something isn’t 100 percent when it clearly is? Swallow your pathetic pride and at least act like you have a spinal column, even though you clearly don’t.

Prediction: When Donald Trump starts taking orders from Vladimir Putin, Collins will try to spin that as friendly cooperation between the two nations.

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab