NPR Host: ‘Make America Great Again’ Is A Promise For White Prosperity (VIDEO)

President-Elect Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan has been met with skepticism by a portion of American people. NPR host Michelle Norris questioned the authenticity of the slogan, saying that it is an encoded message that promises White prosperity, leaving out 37 percent of the United States population.

During the Face The Nation segment of Norris’ show, political pundits expanded on Trump’s agenda, and how American people can oppose his administration.

Debating Trump’s Slogan

Norris mentions that the slogan erases the realities of many Americans, especially the word “again.” The majority of America’s history has been undignified with untethered injustice towards different communities, with America’s many civil rights movements effectively ending in the 1980s.

Many still feel unequal, with the conclusion of the civil rights era having no real end. The “again” part of “Make America Great Again” does not fair well with descendants of former American slaves, and other groups that were denied basic humanity throughout the United States’ tenure in North America.

Norris said that Trump’s slogan calls upon a time when bigotry directly influenced the political arena, and one’s public and private life. According to Norris, many of Trump’s supporters feel like they aren’t in front of the line anymore.

The Facts

The United States has been built with the promise of White prosperity, and that mission has largely succeeded. It will take more than 228 years for Black Americans to amass the same wealth as White Americans. This value derives from assets, which include the value of homes and retirement savings.

Movies that expands on the realities of people of color are still very White, and Congress is still disproportionately White and male.

Like any proposed fact, they don’t exist in a vacuum, with many factors contributing to this economic and social disparity that Trump’s slogan largely ignores. Historically, many minorities are targeted with subprime loans and are less likely to own a home. Homes also tend to appreciate less in value, especially if they are in a majority-Black neighborhood.

Trump Is All About Dog Whistle Politics

Trump is well versed when it comes to the different decibel frequencies that bigots can hear. From saying that “second Amendment people” could do something to Hillary Clinton and declaring that the “voter ID situation has turned out to be a very unfair development,” Trump’s speeches and stances have galvanized hate groups, even making them feel comfortable enough to organize a mass Nazi salute in public spaces.

When will America really be great?

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