Racist Nutcase From Michaels Video Doubles-Down – Still Not Sorry (VIDEOS)

A woman who made headlines in November when a video showing her going off on a racist tirade in a Chicago-area Michaels store went viral is now saying SHE is the victim.

‘I Was Targeted Because Of My Race’

Jennifer Boyle, who appeared not only in the Michaels video but also in one filmed at a Peet’s Coffee, in which she called the manager a “bitch,” says that she doesn’t have a problem managing her anger.

This, despite the fact that there is more than one video of this exact woman, screaming at employees. And she does not deny that yes, that is her in these videos.

Instead, she states that she doesn’t have a “racist or homophobic” bone in her body.

Because people who aren’t racists go around calling black people “animals,” as Boyle did in Michaels last November. Right?

Boyle states several times in the video that she takes “the high road,” and yet, when asked if she is sorry for what she said, her response was:

“I’m sorry that it got out of hand.”

The interviewer, Ash-Har Quraishi, then asked Boyle if she’s even thought about reaching out to the employees at Michaels or Peet’s Coffee, and she said she has not. When Quraishi asked what she would say to them, Boyle briefly looked off to the side, as if she was checking with someone who was off-camera, then said:

“What I would say is that, you know, everybody is a work in progress and that I do forgive them for what they said to me.”

Not “I’m sorry I called human beings animals.” Not “I’m sorry I accused a woman’s toddler of shoplifting.” Not “I’m sorry I screamed like a petulant child in at least two different stores.”


She still. Blames. Them.

There is a silver lining to this whole incident, by the way. The woman who filmed the incident in Michaels set up a GoFundMe for the manager, Holli, who received the brunt of Boyle’s attacks. That GoFundMe wound up netting Holli more than $32,000.

Watch Boyle’s interview with NBC5 News here.

And, in case you missed them the first time, here are the videos of Boyle ranting at Michaels and Peet’s Coffee employees:

Featured Image via screengrab from NBC5 video

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