Obama’s Message To Trump Reminds Us That Ignoring Intelligence Won’t Help America Be Great (VIDEO)

In an interview with ABC, President Barack Obama informed President-elect Donald Trump that he must trust in the United States intelligence community for him to make viable decisions.

President Obama said that he had moments where he faced raw data, and the people inhabiting the intelligence community are experts at deciphering it. President Obama trusts the intelligence community, and has faith that the people in charge will give you “their very best assessments.”

Last Friday, Trump announced that he had a meeting with officials from the CIA, with the meeting proving “constructive.”

Regardless of His Words, Trump Keeps Disregarding Russian Interference

The intelligence community officiated a report, declaring that Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted an “influence campaign” to bolster Trump’s campaign.

Trump acknowledges the impact of foreign influence during this election cycle. Trump stated that outside countries are consistently:

“…Trying to break through the cyberinfrastructure of our governmental institutions.”

In the same breath, he also said that cyberattacks did not affect the outcome of the election. After the meeting, Donald Trump will apparently construct a team within 90 days of his presidency to investigate these hacking attempts.

President Obama Warns Against Partisanship

President Obama has been vocal against outside influences shaping this election cycle, noting that it undermines American democracy. He also mentioned unfounded partiality and how it is eroding relationships between Democrats and Republicans. President Obama is concerned over commentary from Republicans and cable networks who seem quick to trust Putin over other Americans who happen to be Democrats.

President Obama Tells Donald Trump to Back off of Twitter

President Obama also said something that many people are thinking of – Trump should get off of Twitter, especially since he would need to take heed of world capitals and financial markets. Running one of the world’s leading nations isn’t the same as running a business.

Do you think Russia influenced this election cycle and had helped erode the trust with the Democratic Party?

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