Trump Threatens Martial Law In Chicago And His Idiots Rejoice On Facebook (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is posting all kinds of crazy stuff on his social media accounts. He posted this on his Facebook yesterday morning:

He was lying about those numbers. The Chicago Police Department says that there have only been 38 killings, not 42. Also, there have only been 180 shootings, not 228.

That is not the scariest part. His followers posted some pretty crazy shit in the comments section of his post. Get your barf bags ready, because his followers are nuts.

Some are posting their approval for what Trump is doing, which is normal but still cringeworthy:

This is why the people elected you…..we knew u would MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!….my family loves your family Mr. President…we wish u only success in your presidency!”

“May go down as the hardest working president ever & yet he makes it look easy! After 8 years of Obama wondering what that traitorous idiot would do today, now I wake up every morning & am just amazed at MY PRESIDENT!!!!”

This person went even further and said that all cities should have martial law thrown upon them:

“Chicago should be turned into a police-free safe-zone gated community to protect the residents. And Baltimore, Philly, Camden, Newark, St. Louis, Milwaukee, D.C., etc. A wall would be more effective there than the border with Mexico.”

However, some of the comment are saying really bad things about people who don’t like Trump. These are really scary:

“Anyone who hates Trump hates America. He is our last hope to be heard as a people. Screw all this corruption. This is the land of the free home of the brave. If you people don’t like him move to England or something.”

Finally! There is someone with some sense in this thread:

“Donald, please read the 10th Amendment. Actually, you should probably read the whole Constitution. Let me know if you run across any big words. I’m here for you!”

Here’s another smart one in the sea of illiterate crap on this post:

“States have rights, last time I checked. Threatening to implement martial law in random cities with crime problems doesn’t endear you to ‘we the people.’ Mr. Trump. Grow up. And stop making threats.”

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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