Trump’s Feud With Mexico Has US Diplomats Fearing For Their Lives (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump’s brand of wrecking ball diplomacy is a disaster. The United States, or more specifically, Trump, is picking fights with our longtime friends and allies at a break-neck pace.

One such ally is our neighbor to the south, Mexico. Trump has made no secret of his disdain for Mexico. He has called Mexicans rapists. He wants to build a gigantic stupid wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. He has made absurd claims that Mexico will pay for its construction.

Oddly enough, Trump eating a taco salad bowl on Cinco de Mayo has not been enough to assuage Mexican anger. In fact, TMZ is reporting that US officials living in Mexico are now living in fear.

According to the piece, the State Department has solicited bids for companies to provide security for U.S. personnel working at the embassy in Mexico City, Mexico.

While security is of course a normal requirement, this particular solicitation was issued with “unusual and compelling urgency.” This is government-speak for “these people need immediate protection.”

According to TMZ, federal documents accompanying the solicitation state:

“A break in security operations could cripple mission operations, jeopardizing the mission and possibly lives of mission personnel.”

Clearly, there is considerable fear that something terrible could happen to our people in Mexico. And if a new powder keg explodes, Donald Trump will be the one holding the match in his tiny little hand.

Here is a video of Trump striking the match.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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