Top 8 Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin Memes (VIDEO)

There has been a lot of controversy during President Donald Trump’s first month. Most of which has surrounded his dealings with Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Naturally, people on the internet created memes about this.

Vladimir Putin actually has a higher favorability among Trump voters than former President Barack Obama. The Republicans used to be against Russia, but that changed with Trump’s campaign.

Naturally, Trump’s first foreign trip as president was to visit Russia.

Here are some of the funniest memes about Putin and Trump’s alleged bromance:

1. The Classic One

This has become iconic.

2. Teaching Baby Donnie

That’s a good little puppet.

3. Ah…Treasonous Love

Trump and Putin sittin’ in a tree.

4. Right In The Childhood

Such a perfect parody!

5. Baby Trumpy Loves Uncle Putin

They grow up so fast…

6. Here’s The Real Campaign Sign

People had loads of fun with the campaign sign when Pence became Vice President.

7. Don’t Take Away Donald’s Friend

Omg! I can’t even!

8. When Ron Burgundy Is Surprised…

He just wanted to call his boyfriend.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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