REVEALED: Kellyanne Conway’s Hubby Is Guy Who Tipped Off Drudge On Shape Of Clinton’s D*ck (VIDEO)

Back in the 2016 presidential debates, the now-President Donald Trump brought in women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault. One of those women was Paula Jones, whose case led to Clinton’s impeachment.

In 1991, Jones was an aide to then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. She was just 24 years old at the time, and she was making $6.35 an hour. According to Jones, he made unwanted advances and he exposed himself to her in a hotel room in Arkansas.

George T. Conway III, the husband of Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, was the lawyer who represented Paula Jones. Mr. Conway was the one who told Matt Drudge of Drudge Report about Jones’ testimony.

Clinton ended up settling in her case by paying Jones $850,000. This led to only the second presidential impeachment in history.

As the Observer reported:

“It was the New York lawyer, for example, to whom Mr Drudge owed his ‘exclusive’ last October about Ms Jones’ claim (later dropped) that the ‘distinguishing characteristic’ of the President’s anatomy was a curvature caused by a malady known as Peyronie’s disease.”

At first, Drudge denied that Conway was his connection. Drudge just said he had “multiple sources” for the history.

Robert S. Bennett, Clinton’s chief attorney in the case, said:

“The president has decided he is not prepared to spend one more hour on this matter. It is clear that the American people want their president and Congress to focus on the problems that they were elected to solve. This is a step in that direction.”

Jones was brought out during the Trump campaign as a distraction from the growing list of women who claimed to have been assaulted or harassed by Donald Trump. He tried to seat her in the Clinton family box during one of the debates in the 2016 election. Of course, Trump left out the fact that he once called her a “loser,” but that part wouldn’t be so convenient, now would it?

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