Trump Once Again Tries To Take Credit For Obama’s Economy And Twitter Dispenses SWEET JUSTICE

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Thursday on Twitter, President Donald Trump shared a graph from a Bloomberg article which stated that U.S. Consumer Comfort just reached it’s highest level in over ten years. Of course, Trump took credit for the rise and attributed this news to his special presidential superpowers that enable him to turn around President Barack Obama’s “disastrous” economy in less than three months.

On Saturday, during a meeting with members of his cabinet at a golf course Trump had this to say about the so-called “mess” Obama left behind:

“The economy is doing very, very well.”

“We really had a mess, and it’s getting straightened out.”

Unfortunately, Twitter wasn’t buying Trump’s cheap magic trick, as numerous users pointed out the obvious.

Trump is doing what he had done for his entire career as an entrepreneur; he’s benefiting off of other people’s hard work while pretending that he did it all himself. However, people are wise to his con and he will not be able to steal credit from Obama’s economy for the next four years.

Also what our inadequate president fails to realize is that by taking credit for Obama’s work he’s also closing the door for assigning blame should the economy take a turn for the worse during his term. Trump loves to show up after the work is done but is nowhere to be found when the crap hits the fan. Hopefully, the voters will show up at the polls in 2020 to give Trump the “thanks” he rightfully deserves.

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