BUSTED: Constituent Calls Out GOP Rep. For Appearing On CNN But Not Holding Town Halls (VIDEO)

New York Republican Congressman Chris Collins was a guest on the CNN town hall show The Messy Truth on Thursday evening, and one of his own constituents criticized Collins for not holding town hall meetings in his district.

Renee Sutton stood to ask a question and told Collins:

“I’ve been among those writing letters and demonstrating, demanding that you hold a public town hall in our district so we can meet with you and share with you, and have you listen to us…about how your legislative agenda impacts our families and lives.”

Sutton also had this to say to the congressman:

“So how do you justify your appearance here tonight — national audience here on CNN — outside of our district with an audience not consisting entirely of your constituents, when the actual people you represent are asking to meet with you and you’re refusing to do it?”

Collins claimed he meets with thousands of his constituents each and every week, and then tried to defend not having a town hall for voters in his district this way:

“I’ve never seen the value of the time commitment for a town hall. For eight years, no one ever raised this issue with me … What’s happened today is there are a group of individuals — not saying you in particular — but they are protesting and shouting and these aren’t productive.”

But Sutton swatted away what Collins had just said by assuring him:

“I’m not interested in protesting or disrupting or crashing one of your appearances at a fire department or birthday party…But I want a setting where you will listen to me.

Just because I didn’t vote for you, just because I don’t agree with your legislative agenda, am I any less entitled to your representation in Congress? Then please respond to my e-mails requesting that.”

Collins, one of the first members of Congress to support Donald Trump in the 2016 race, is a lot like the illegitimate president: Neither wants to answer real questions or be held responsible for their actions.

Watch Chris Collins get called out by one of his constituents:

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab