Trump To Give Commencement Speech At Anti-Gay Liberty University (VIDEO)

anti gay college
Trump to speak at Liberty uni

Many have questioned President Donald Trump’s coziness with the Evangelical right. It seems very much a marriage of convenience. Trump is not a convincing Christian man, and fundamentalist Christianity does not seem to be cool with womanizing and yet it seems they have decided they need each other.

Trump needed their votes and they needed his power. Well, he has now been invited to give a commencement speech at the conservative Christian college Liberty University in Virginia.

While campaigning Trump has spoken there in the past. His last speech was in January 2016, while he was still campaigning. He talked of protecting Christianity and said they (Christians) were under siege worldwide.

In a deeply intellectual (sarcasm) statement he said:

“Bad things are happening.”

After a weak attempt at sounding religious, he then went on a rant about politics.

Liberty University is famous for being anti-gay. They have banned gay students in the past due to ‘morality’ concerns. The University has also asked to be exempt from discrimination laws. They have gotten around this lately by asking students to sign an agreement to abide by the following rule:

“Sexual relations outside of a Biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and natural-born woman are not permissible at Liberty University.”

Think about it – is this a very Christian thing to do? Does Jesus Christ say anything about homosexuality? Was he the sort of guy who excluded people? Or was he all about love? Did he not protect the adulteress from the law?

Trump will be speaking to the college in May and of the speech he has said:

“Our children truly are the future and I look forward to celebrating the success of this graduating class as well as sharing lessons as they embark on their next chapter full of hope, faith, optimism, and a passion for life.”

You know what might give them hope and optimism? acceptance, compassion, clean energy, no more war, government provided college tuition and healthcare for all as a right.

Jerry Falwell Jr. speaks about Trump coming to give a commencement speech at Liberty University, but you can watch Trump speak of Christianity at Liberty University a year ago here:


Featured image via YouTube.