Why America Needs An Atheist President (VIDEO)

Atheists don’t have it well in political life. While there are ways big and small that America disenfranchises the non-religious, one of the biggest is in public service. Out of the 535 members of Congress, not a single one has publicly stated that they don’t believe in God. Since that doesn’t match the demographics of America, which is 22 percent religiously unaffiliated, the most probable explanation is that someone’s lying.

From the Duggar family to Waco, Texas to President Donald Trump, we have a culture littered with evidence that a lot more is needed to be a good person than the title of Christian. And given examples of kindness and generosity from non-religious people, we know that goodness is not simply an attribute of those who believe.

We need an atheist president to increase representation for the presence of non-religious people in America, the affirmation that the non-religious are no less American than others, and a strong proponent of the wall between church and state. Besides, there’s certainly something to be said for signing in on Harry Potter instead of the Bible.

If you’d like to see some of my thoughts on the matter, watch my video below!

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