Alabama Governor Bentley Resigns Amid Marriage Scandal And Corruption (VIDEO)

Alabama Bentley resigns

Why is it always the preachy ones? It is always the ones who are on a moral high horse who get caught. This time it is Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, who is FINALLY stepping down after several scandals. Governor Bentley opposed same sex marriage, he called it a ‘social-experiment.’

Well the tables have turned and instead of him making moral judgments about others, the public are making judgments about him. Instead of being impeached, he has instead decided to resign. He did not mention in his press conference that he had plead guilty to corruption charges and was being asked to resign.

Bentley’s shame comes on both personal and work-related fronts. Bentley is accused of keeping contributions he received secret and using them for personal use. He also has been involved in a sexual phone scandal with Rebekah Caldwell Mason, his senior political adviser, the recording is below. The former governor ended his 50 year marriage in 2015 and the phone scandal emerged in 2016.

He was openly opposed to Obama’s groundbreaking same sex marriage laws. In 2010 he said:

“I will protect our state’s right to define marriage as between one man and one woman.”

Bentley then told his constituents that a:

 “…two-parent family provides the best environment of stability, discipline, responsibility, and character.”

It is amazing how the same people who oppose same sex marriage seem to so often be involved in scandal themselves.

Bentley is succeeded by Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey and today she made this poignant statement:

“The Ivey administration will be open, it will be transparent and it will be honest.”

While Bentley has tried to exit without admitting any wrong-doing, the evidence is apparent.  The New York Times refers to a report when it said that:

“Mr. Bentley tried to use a member of his security detail to break up with Ms. Mason on his behalf and how he demanded that Ms. Mason be allowed to travel in official vehicles after she left the state’s payroll.”

Yes we can really see how by being part of a ‘straight’ couple, he has shown such great ‘stability, discipline, responsibility, and character’ – sarcasm!

Watch Governor Bentley announce his resignation:

Listen to the phone call that has dropped Bentley in hot water:

Featured image via YouTube.