Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Returns To SNL In Triumphant Fashion (VIDEO)

It seemed almost too good to be true. This last week was probably the worst yet for President Donald Trump’s White House team, and the same week that Melissa McCarthy was returning to Saturday Night Live.

There was¬†obviously plenty of good material to draw from with Trump’s firing of James Comey and then essentially admitting that he did so because of the Russia investigation, throwing his entire team under the bus in an attempt to look like a decision-maker. The real buzz surrounded McCarthy’s outrageous portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who made a hilarious and bizarre return in the night’s best sketch.

The hype began when footage of McCarthy’s Spicer driving his podium through New York City surfaced a few days ago.

The skit began with Sarah Huckabee Sanders filling in for Spicer, who was still fulfilling his Navy Reserve duties. However, a reporter quickly pointed out that Spicer was merely hiding in the bushes outside.

Soon, Spicer invaded the press conference, blasting reporters with a fire extinguisher, telling them to shut up, and bringing out a series of Russian nesting dolls to help tell his story (which included a nesting doll painted as Slimer from Ghostbusters, to whom Spicer referred as Steve Bannon).

Spicer also read his bank routing number and threw a pillar at the assembled press. Spicer was eventually confronted with the fact that, just maybe, his “friend” Donald Trump might be lying to him, and may be ready to fire him.

He took his motorized lectern on a road trip to find Trump in order to confront him.

Naturally, Alec Baldwin returned as the President himself. And if Trump is really as upset with a woman playing Spicer as it was reported he was, then he is going to be very upset with how the last minute of this skit turned out.

Watch the entire thing below:

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.