Woman Admits She Led 30 Of Her Flock In Pummeling A Gay Church Member Because: ‘Homosexual Demons’

ChrISIS: Pummeling Gay Church Member For Christ

In court this past Friday, a woman admitted shepherding around 30 parishioners from her church to kidnap and violently, in a biblical spree of hatred, to pummeling a gay church member. How come, you may ask? To expel his “homosexual demons,” obviously.

Hold the fort — it was our understanding ISIS was the problem? You mean to say here in America, it’s ChrISIS we need to be worrying about? Sure it’s true radicalized Islamic terrorists are throwing gays off buildings… But here in ‘Murika, we are not far behind. We’re just beating our LGBT bloody on sacred holy ground, lynching our Blacks, raping our kids, blowing up our mosques, and calling for the gas chamber for all our Jews. You know – ’cause the Bible says so.

Nope, ISIS ain’t our problem. We have our very own Evangelicals doing the Devil’s dirty work for us.

Kids, we have a ChrISIS Alert… That’s right, the Christian Taliban of North Carolina is giving Islam a run for its money. Shame on the Word of Faith church of N.C. Shame on all of us for allowing hate to win.

As reported by Pink News, Sarah Anderson is one of five members of this place of worship nestled among the Trump-voting red state hellscapes in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Spindale, N.C. who has been charged with assault on Matthew Fenner, a homosexual church member. But Sarah, while admitting she was part of this horrific gang-like beatdown which took place back in 2013, is blaming the congregation’s female minister, Brooke Covington, for ringleading the shocking Bible-inspired terroristic onslaught.

In her court testimony, Anderson admitted she believed that Fenner was “unclean and sinful.” But like a typical Rightwinger, she refused to take responsibility. It appears this blasphemous bludgeoning was inspired by the female minister of Word of Faith Church, Brooke Covington. It is reported this pulpit-puppet of Diablo launched into a 2-hour long forked tongue-lashing assault and physical attack upon Matthew Fenner. The Christian Protestant minister in her verbal berating of Fenner, repeatedly screamed: “God said there is something wrong in your life.”  (Not so sure it’s the Lord that Pastor Covington is in collusion with, huh?)

Fenner, according to The Washington Post was absolutely terrified by the attack, said he thought he was “going to die” while the church members beat him, knocked him down, berated, slapped, choked and shook him by the throat for about two hours… By his own fellow parishioners.

Crazy right? And yet spreading hate and beating the crap out of God-loving folks is a tax-exempt activity anyone can participate in here in the good ole USA. The 23-year-old Fenner explained:

“You can’t imagine the emotional toll this has taken on my life.”

And guess what? This is not the first time Covington and her church congregants have been accused of being violently abusive to gay members  Two years earlier, former church member Michael Lowry said he too was beaten and held against his will by his fellow perverted peers of the pews. But it’s OK, they were just pummeling out his gay demons.

Brooke Covington, the minister accused in the assault of Fenner, is the daughter of Jane and Sam Whaley, according to the Charlotte Observer. I’m sure Brooke’s parents would love to hear from us true followers of Christ, the kind of demon spawn they raised. But as a Christian myself, it’s not appropriate that I give you their contact details. That’s for better angels than myself to research.

What do most Evangelicals on the Right who voted for Trump think? THIS…

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