Obama Wore The Same Thing To Many Occasions And Nobody Noticed (VIDEO)

In an example of how men and women are judged in extremely different ways, it has been revealed that Barack Obama wore the same thing to State Dinners for both terms of his presidency. While then-First Lady Michelle Obama wore a huge number of different dresses and outfits that were scoured over every time, President Obama had the luxury of wearing the same tuxedo and shoes for the eight whole years and nobody noticed.

Michelle Obama revealed this bit of information at the Apple Worldwide developer’s conference last Tuesday. She spoke about how much her outfits gained so much attention, while nobody even noticed her husband got to wear the same tuxedo every time. She said:

“…And he was proud of it to, he’s like ‘I’m ready, mmm I’m ready in about ten minutes, mmm how long did it take you?'”

Barack Obama via DVIDSHUB on Flickr under CC BY 2.0

The interview she gave was in good humor and it reminds us of how relate-able and likable the Obamas really were. As first lady there was so much attention placed on which designer Michelle Obama would wear. She noted that they would take notice of her shoes, her bracelet, every detail, while there was her husband wearing the same outfit, down to the shoes each and every time. It is a reminder too that men and women are judged on very different criteria.

Image via DVIDSHUB on Flickr under CC BY 2.0

Michelle and Obama are a handsome couple, but as she says the difference in media scrutiny of the appearance of women compared with how men are judged, is quite huge. Michelle Obama has two college degrees, she is ultimately intelligent, as well as beautiful and yet what she wore was held at utmost importance by media, as with so many other famous women. It is for this very reason that some women in Hollywood have started the Ask her more campaign, pushing for journalists to ask women questions which are more meaningful than just “Who are you wearing?”

Image via Italy in US on Flickr under CC BY-ND 2.0



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