Preet Bharara Breaking His Silence – First Interview Since He Was Fired By Trump (VIDEO)

Preet Bharara, the former United States attorney representing the state of New York, has kept fairly private since he was fired by President Donald Trump in March. Trump had originally promised Bharara that he would be able to keep his position, but switched course and asked for his resignation just weeks later. When Bharara refused, Trump fired him.

Bharara has kept a very active Twitter feed where he has been highly critical of the president, but he has otherwise stayed relatively private. However, he will be breaking his silence on Sunday, June 11, when he gives his first interview since being fired on March 10.

The interview will be with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week, and will take place on Sunday morning. Hopefully we can get more details on why he was fired from his position and just what legal ramifications may lie in store for team Trump in the future.

Stephanopoulos first broke the news about the interview on his Twitter page:

Bharara stoked the flames a bit himself, simply responding to Stephanopoulos’s statement:

Bharara, who was well known for taking on Wall Street as a New York attorney, was just one of many of the high profile firings of the Trump administration. Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates was fired for refusing to enforce Trump’s “Muslim Ban,” after she determined it was unconstitutional. FBI Director James Comey was fired for, allegedly, refusing to drop the FBI investigation into Russia’s connections to the Trump team. In fact, at Comey’s recent hearing in front of the Senate, Bharara was given a seat very close to the action:

Bharara even live-tweeted the event:

It seems the walls are closing in on Donald Trump, but he has proven quite an escape artist in the past when the straits seem dire. Hopefully Bharara’s interview will shed some more light on an otherwise murky administration. You can get a preview of Bharara’s opinions on Donald Trump in the video below:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.