Why Bernie Turned Down A Meeting With Trump And What Would Change His Mind (VIDEO)

Bernie on Trump

In a recent interview with David Sirota, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has revealed again why he was so popular last year leading up to the election.

In the interview, Sanders was asked many things, including how, as a civil rights activist, he felt when people had questioned his dedication to this cause. He answered:

“That was personally very painful. It was very painful, but what I am proud of is that we ended up winning within the African-American community, within the Latino community, by the way. Very, very strong support in virtually every state in this country. We won the youth vote, people under 40 in the African-American community. So I think it was also a generational issue. Older African-Americans felt comfortable with the Clintons, they knew them, they liked them. But I think we have made real inroads among young people.”

Sirota also asked if he had met President Donald Trump, and Sanders answered, giving a brilliant reason for it:

“I’ve been in the same room with Trump, I’ve been invited to meet with him in the White House, but my nervousness about Trump is such that I certainly do not want to be used as a photo opportunity.”

He then added a scenario where he would consider a meeting:

“So if Trump, for example — Trump has talked about infrastructure, Trump has talked about the high cost of prescription drugs. If he wants to sit down and negotiate specific legislation I would be happy to do that, but I’m not going to be there just to get a photo opportunity and have it used for his advantage.”

It begs the question why Trump does invite people to his office. Also this response shows that Sanders has the utmost integrity and concern for actual issues and making progress and no time for egos.

It has been noted before that Trump appears to be scared of Bernie. Trump knows how loved and popular he is.

Noam Chomsky believed the most amazing thing about the last election season was the triumph of Senator Bernie Sanders, who – without the benefit of billions of corporate dollars – was really competitive.

This popularity is due to many things.

Bernie Sanders has integrity. He has fought for the poor, for civil rights, and for the downtrodden consistently for decades. He believes healthcare is a right. He has an honesty rarely found in politics that people not only find refreshing, but is such an inspirational drawcard, that people flock to see him speak in the thousands.

Not beholden to corporate money, Sanders is also a huge critic of the injustice of the top 1 percent. He calls out the establishment and people love him for it. The fact he won’t even meet with Trump, unless it was to put progressive policies into action, just reinforces his integrity and reputation of being a well-intentioned and virtuous politician.

Bernie Sanders is a rare and precious diamond in politics who genuinely cares for the less fortunate – the arch opposite of our current president.

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