NPR Tweets Declaration Of Independence And Triggered Trumpkins Lose Their Tiny Minds (TWEETS)

To celebrate Independence Day, National Public Radio (NPR) thought it would be a good idea to tweet out the every word of the Declaration of Independence, one of the two most important documents in American history, the other being the Constitution.

But, Trump supporters being the ignorant dullards that they are, lots of them were highly offended by what NPR did, thinking that calls were being sent out to overthrow the government under President Trump:

Another Twitter user tweeted out:

“Propaganda is that all you know?”

Yes, the stupid is indeed very strong with these people, and they got some major grief from others on social media. Take a look:

It would be tempting to say that lots of these Trump acolytes should read a history book. But that would presume:

  1. They can read.
  2. They would be able to understand what they read if they could read.
  3. They wouldn’t burn the history book the same way they want to burn all books that offer a political view contrary to their own.

Wherever they are now, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are surely shaking their heads.

Featured Image Via Raw Story