Eric Trump Decided To Go On Twitter And Defend His Brother–That Was A Big Mistake (TWEETS)

There’s an old axiom which is attributed to American humorist Will Rogers: “Let me tell you about the law of holes: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

But since when does any member of the Trump family accept advice, even from a sage like Will Rogers?

Donald Trump Jr., who is in the center of a maelstrom after admitting that he met with a Russian attorney in an attempt to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton, really needs to shut up, stay off Twitter, and let his lawyers handle everything, but instead he keeps tweeting and going on Fox News to dig his own personal hole even deeper.

Eric Trump, Don Jr’s younger brother, thought it would be a great idea to defend Donnie Part II, also on social media, posting this:

And, Eric, that’s exactly why all of you will go to prison together. But maybe you can get a package deal and wind up at the same federal penitentiary.

It didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to deal Eric and his family a giant helping of karma:

Something tells me Eric doesn’t even need a shovel to dig. He just gets down on hands and knees and does it like a damn animal. That’s appropriate, don’t you think?

Featured Image Via YouTube