Eric Trump Opens His Mouth, Keith Olbermann Shuts It For Him (TWEETS)

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Unlike the rest of his family, Eric Trump doesn’t do Twitter very well. That was amply demonstrated last week when he tried to defend his older brother, Donald Jr., against the firestorm of criticism he faced for meeting with a Russian lawyer in hopes of getting Kremlin-flavored dirt on Hillary Clinton. He claimed that his family’s critics can’t stand that they always back each other up–and got deservedly shredded on Twitter.

Well, Eric seems to be a slow learner. He thought he could pick a Twitter fight with Keith Olbermann–and quickly learned he’d made a big mistake.

It started early Saturday morning, when Charlie Kirk of the right-leaning college student group Turning Point USA used the furor over Donald Jr.’s meeting at Trump Tower to recycle an old right-wing smear about the Clinton Foundation.

White House information minister Kellyanne Conway decided to get in on the act.

That prompted Olbermann to weigh in, reminding both Conway and Kirk that Eric is currently under scrutiny for funneling money intended to help kids fight cancer into their real estate empire’s bank account.

Well, apparently that hurt Eric’s fee-fees. His response would have done his father proud.

Cliff Notes version: “How dare you criticize me after all the good I’ve done!”

Bad move, Eric. Very bad move. On Sunday morning, Olbermann decided to jog Eric’s memory–and the nation’s as well.

About 15 minutes later, Olbermann checked to see if Eric had responded–and discovered just how much of an adult Eric is.

Like father, like son, apparently.

Olbermann discovered that Twitter’s software keeps quoted tweets from showing up when the quoted user blocks the user quoting them. Fortunately, he had screenshots, so he was able to reproduce the entire tweetstorm.

Oh, this is rich. Looks like Eric couldn’t stand being confronted with actual facts, rather than alternative facts.

So far, none of Eric’s siblings have risen to his defense, and Eric himself has remained silent about the issue. Hmmm–perhaps they know Olbermann has Eric busted.

(featured image: screenshot via YouTube)

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