Oops — Guess Trump Forgot To Abolish This Part Of Obama’s Legacy (VIDEO)

When someone applies for citizenship to the United States and meets the qualifications, they typically receive a welcome packet that includes a signed letter from the President of the United States that welcomes them and congratulates them on their achievement.

The Independent recently caught a tweet from a St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist named Aisha Sultan, who posted the letter from her husband’s welcome packet, a British-born man who was recently granted U.S. citizenship. Strangely, the letter was not signed by President Donald Trump.

It was signed by our former President, Barack Obama.

This means that, in the six months that Trump has been in office, he has not accomplished the simple task of swapping out his predecessor’s signature for his own. It seems odd that this exceedingly simple task is too much for a man who is clearly trying to destroy every memory of his predecessor. Check out the letter that Sultan published to her Twitter below:

The letter congratulates and thanks the incoming citizen, welcomes them in this next step in their life, and tells them a few of the responsibilities that come with being a citizen of the United States. It concludes with the following:

We embrace you as a new citizen of our land, and we welcome you to the American family. Sincerely, Barack Obama

It should come as no surprise that this minor task has not been completed, considering Trump has failed to nominate, let alone fill, many open positions in his own government. Maybe he is spending just a bit too much time at his golf courses? Considering the anti-immigration rhetoric Trump has spouted, I would imagine that Sultan’s husband was happier to see former President Obama’s signature instead of President Trump’s. Or Vladimir Putin’s.

Check out a report on the letter below:

Featured Image via Flickr user Obama White House / U.S. Government Works.