Donald Trump Just Blocked Chrissy Teigen On Twitter. The Reason Proves Just How Fragile His Ego Is

Swimsuit 2017: Bali Chrissy Teigen Sumba Island, Bali, Indonesia 10/10/2016 SWIM-161 TK1 Credit: James Macari

Supermodel and wife of singer John Legend has been delighting liberals and progressives since the beginning — and indeed, even before — of Donald Trump’s rise into public service (yeah, I know, the only person he’s REALLY serving is himself). She has perfectly trolled him on Twitter for months and has been until Tuesday ignored by Pres. Angry Orange (this is where I got his “Pres. Angry Orange” nickname).

Late Tuesday afternoon, she screen-grabbed his “blocking” of her. The straw that broke the camel’s back? She hurt his little boy fee-fees.

So all of her attacks on his policy, etc…weren’t concerning to him. But OMG no one likes him??? Too much for Pres. Trump’s fragile ego.

Several other celebs proudly displayed their own badges of honor, with some welcoming her to the club.

Others used the opportunity to just make fun of Trump, who seems to think Twitter is his only reality.

I don’t know why this made me think of a video that went viral in the early days of the internet, but I doubt Chrissy will be as devastated as this guy was. This is right wing nutjobs when we block them.

Featured image via Sports Illustrated