Eric Trump Went On Fox News And Had A Hissy Fit About The Clintons (VIDEO)

As if it’s not bad enough that we have to see and hear President Trump and his paid liars try and defend the administration for possibly committing treason and election fraud, now the head of state is sending out his family members to spin their fabrications and engage in endless whining.

Eric Trump was the guest on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, and he quickly resorted to one of his father’s favorite strategies: Changing the subject to Bill and Hillary Clinton, telling the brainless Fox hosts:

“It’s disheartening, at least for me, to watch the pile-on to him with nonsense Russia investigations. There’s nothing there. We’ve said that a million times. Everybody said that. I mean, it is the greatest witch hunt of all time.

But then you see the crimes that other people get away with. You look at Loretta Lynch, she hasn’t even been subpoenaed. How has Loretta Lynch not been subpoenaed? Where is she? Where are all these enraged senators?”

First of all, Eric, Loretta Lynch is not the attorney general. Also, the Senate is a bit busy at the moment trying to determine just how totally the Russians managed to worm their way into our election process and whether not they had any assistance from Americans.

Next, the apparently illegitimate son of Gary Busey decided to spread a discredited lie that his daddy often falls back on:

“Why has nobody investigated Uranium One? What about the crimes perpetrated by the Clinton Foundation? And the millions given to Saudi Arabia and everything else? When are people going to start going after that? Aside from the leakers and everything else. It seems like this is a one-way pile on. And I think that’s my father’s frustration. Where is the other side when there are legitimate crimes over there that everybody has proof about?”

No one’s investigating, Eric, because the Uranium One charge has been proven to be completely unfounded.

There’s just no proof on Russia, the younger Trump asserted, adding:

“There is nothing there. But you do have proof that Bill Clinton was on an airplane with Loretta Lynch while they were investigating his wife. What action are you going to take there? It can’t be a one-way street.”

Excuse the hell out of us, Eric, for caring that your father, the president, might have sold this country down the river to Vladimir Putin. If he and the rest of you can’t take the scrutiny, then perhaps you need to pack up your shit and abandon Washington.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab