Charlottesville Mayor Lets Loose On Trump (VIDEO)

With everything that has been happening in Charlottesville, Virginia the last few days, politicians from across the spectrum have been weighing in on the scenes of violence and hatred that are occurring. It was only a matter of time before the mayor of Charlottesville, Mike Signer, gave his opinion on the violence that erupted surrounding the “Unite the Right” rally. He did so this morning on CNN’s Meet the Press, and he placed much of the blame squarely on the shoulders of our President, Donald J. Trump.

Speaking to host Jake Tapper, Signer was quick to place much of the blame for the Charlottesville violence on Trump. Even though outspoken racists like David Duke and Richard Spencer attended, Signer told Tapper about Trump’s role in the white nationalist movement:

“Look at the campaign he ran. Look at the intentional courting both, on the one hand, of all these white supremacists, white nationalist groups like that, anti-Semitic groups. And then look on the other hand, the repeated failure to step up, condemn, denounce, silence, you know, put to bed all those different efforts, just like we saw yesterday. This is not hard; there are two words that need to be said over and over again: ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘white supremacy.'”

Signer later walked it back a bit, trying to argue that the violence in his city was “not about Trump,” but it still remains clear that he thinks the rise in white nationalism (aka “racism”) has a lot to do with our commander-in-chief.

Trump infamously did not place blame on Nazis, the KKK, white nationalists, or racists for the outbreaks of violence in Charlottesville. Instead, he basically suggested that different sides have a variety of opinions. Watch Signer tell Jake Tapper just how he felt about Trump’s response and responsibility in the attack below:

Featured image via YouTube screen capture.