Former Trump Aide Seb Gorka Gets Mocked On Social Media For His Pathetic Parking Skills

You remember former White House aide Sebastian Gorka, don’t you? He’s hard to forget because he’s such an arrogant, condescending jerk who never missed an opportunity to attack the media for asking tough questions he couldn’t answer.

Gorka, who’s now at Breitbart, along with his longtime sugar daddy, Steve Bannon, just got busted being unable to do something that’s second-nature to many of us: Parallel parking.

On Wednesday, Gorka’s car was spotted in downtown Washington, D.C. Someone took a picture of him trying to park, noting that it took seven tries before he could pull off the maneuver:

How do we know this is Gorka’s Mustang? Because he’s posed with it before:

By the way, that license plate that reads “Art War” is a riff on his puppet master’s favorite book, The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It’s a popular tome with those who think life is one big battlefield and that people must be dealt with in militaristic terms. Just the kind of thing wannabe tough guys Bannon and Gorka would salivate over.

When social media caught wind of Gorka’s lack of parking skills, the rush was on to hand him a big dose of derision:

Exactly right: What a cuck this alt-right neo-Nazi loser is. What does he do at Breitbart? Make the morning coffee runs to Starbucks? Truly pathetic.

Featured Image Via Facebook