DOJ Confirms Trump Is A Liar–There Is Absolutely ZERO Evidence Obama Wiretapped Him

Remember back in March when President Trump gave early signs of his growing dementia and boundless paranoia by accusing former President Obama of wiretapping him? In a series of four tweets, Trump, without a shred of proof, slagged his predecessor:

What proof did Trump have of his accusation? None. He just thought he’d be able to create a distraction as the Russia investigation kicked into high gear. Also, since he still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he actually lost the 2016 election by 3 million votes, the Donald feels a constant need to create a conspiracy which will make his totally illegitimate election seem at least marginally legitimate.

The pro-transparency group American Oversight thought they’d hold Trump accountable and filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all records the Department of Justice might have regarding proof of any wiretapping, stating in their request:

“Given that the president publicly confirmed the wiretaps (in his March tweets) and former FBI Director Comey publicly denied their existence (in his testimony to Congress), we have argued that FBI and DOJ ought to be able to provide a straight answer about whether any wiretap records do or don’t exist.”

On Friday, American Oversight got their answer from the DOJ:

“For reasons set forth above, the FBI has no record responsive to the ‘wiretap’ portion of Plaintiff’s request to the extent that the request seeks records related to the President’s March 4th tweet.”

Translation: There was no wiretapping, and even the DOJ under Jeff Sessions had to admit as much. There is no proof because it never happened. It’s just another of Trump’s endless lies.

So the next time a Trumpkin tells you their orange-hued savior is honest and never lies, remind them that his own Department of Justice called him a liar. Pathological liars do one thing and one thing only: They lie. And they do so about everything.

Featured Image Via the BBC