New Poll Shows Just How Delusional Trumpers Really Are In The Face Of Facts

In case you needed any reassurance of just how delusional President Donald Trump supporters are, a new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) has some numbers to back it up. It includes some absolutely chilling numbers that demonstrate the mental back flips that Trump supporters need to do in order to maintain their faith in their orange-skinned idol.

Among other things, the poll shows some pretty disheartening things about the state of partisan politics in our country. Many voters see nothing wrong with the fact that Russia may have colluded with Trump to steal the election, but most voters think that Russia wanted his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to win anyway. Here are some of the more shocking items:

    • 72 percent of Trump voters think the entire Russia story is “fake news.” Meanwhile, 64 percent of Trump voters do not even want there to be an investigation into the Trump campaign working with Russia.
    • If Trump voters were presented with the hypothetical situation that the Trump campaign did in fact collude with Russia, only 16 percent think that he should resign from office.
    • 45 percent of Trump voters believe Donald Trump, Jr. met with Russians during the campaign to discuss how to harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This is despite the fact the Trump, Jr. admitted to the meeting and even published his email correspondence about setting the meeting up.
  • 26 percent of Trump voters think Russian leadership wanted Trump to win the election. 44 percent think Russia wanted Clinton to win.
  • Finally, only 13 percent of Trump voters think Trump or his campaign worked with the Russians to help his campaign. Special Council Robert Mueller has already issued one indictment against Trump’s team. Arrests are rumored to begin as soon as Monday morning.

The poll itself should not be shocking news, but it is a bit sobering. Trump voters have proven time and time again that the President can do whatever he likes; it does not seem to have an effect on his national standing.

In other polling news,¬†USA Today¬†reports that Trump’s approval rating has dropped again – a new record low. As we have already concluded, however, his base does not seem to care. See that report below:

Featured image via Flickr user Darren Birgenheier / CC BY-SA 2.0.