Trump Gets Rude Reception After Landing In Hawaii (PHOTOS/TWEETS)

Considering that he continually harassed and belittled Hawaiian native son Barack Obama for eight years, it really should come as no surprise to Donald Trump that a giant dose of island karma hit him smack in the face just minutes after he landed in Hawaii Friday.

The stop in Hawaii is the first of a weeklong Asian summit which will take the president to China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. But Trump was met by numerous protesters who were said to greatly outnumber the few supporters who showed up:

Damn! That’s harsh yet also very appropriate. Guess Donnie forgot that he has a 32 percent approval rating and is under multiple investigations which could wind up getting him impeached, indicted, and imprisoned.

Hawaiians are normally very welcoming of those who visit, but Kaniela Ing (D) of the Hawaii House of Representatives explained why Trump is the exception to that rule:

“The idea of the aloha spirit is that we welcome everyone who comes here. But when there’s a leader whose whole M.O. seems to be making America a less welcoming place for whole groups of people, that’s where we need to draw the line. He’s simply not welcome.”

Featured Image Via the BBC