Eric Trump: Democrats Are ‘America Haters’ (TWEETS)

Eric Trump at the Republican National Convention (image courtesy Voice of America, part of public domain)
Eric Trump at the Republican National Convention (image courtesy Voice of America, part of public domain)

It’s not been a good week for Donald Trump. He’s been under well-deserved fire for slamming Elizabeth Warren with a racial slur, sharing racist videos from a rabidly Islamophobic British outfit, and belatedly claiming that the “Access Hollywood” tape wasn’t real.

Trump’s response seems to have been to revert to his mainstay–throwing red meat to the base. That’s the only conclusion you can draw when word got out that he had one of his sons send out a fundraising email that accused his foes of hating America.

Trump’s second son, Eric, penned a message to his father’s campaign email list bearing the subject line “America Haters.” CNN’s Jim Acosta got a copy.

The email claimed that Democrats were hellbent on stopping “the America First agenda,” and were getting “increasingly panicked” as his father continues to win.

“They want to wake up tomorrow and say we are slipping, and that America no longer stands behind President Trump. They are dead wrong.”

One problem, Eric. America doesn’t stand behind your father. His approval rating, as averaged by FiveThirtyEight, stands at 38 percent. And that’s only because Rasmussen is the only pollster to consistently have him north of 40 percent. Moreover, at last report from Morning Consult, his state-level approval ratings were underwater in 25 states and the District of Columbia–including the Rust Belt states that put him in the White House. Only 16 states gave him an approval rating above 50 percent.

It’s not the first time that Trump has implied that those who oppose him hate America. Remember, he believes that the media isn’t his enemy, but the people’s enemy. He also released an ad whining that Democrats and the media weren’t letting him do his job.

In light of this email, a tweet Trump fired off in 2014 doesn’t seem to have aged well.

Here’s a news flash, Mr. Trump. You haven’t shown us that your administration deserves our support. And no amount of bullying–either by you or your surrogates–is going to change that.

(featured image courtesy Voice of America, part of public domain)

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