MSNBC Security Analyst: Steve Bannon Is About To Be Indicted By Mueller

As the Russia investigation draws closer to the Oval Office by the day, one name that has been conspicuously absent the past few months is former White House adviser Steve Bannon, who has returned to his duties as head of the right-wing online hate site Breitbart News.

But over the weekend on AM Joy, National Security Analyst Malcolm Nance said Bannon is indeed in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crosshairs and now faces a quandary:

“Steve Bannon right now has got to be thinking, ‘How do I get out of this. Do I tell the truth, or do I lie and go to prison.’ Every person in this story is now confronted with those two facts.”

Considering that Bannon has repeatedly said he will do whatever is necessary to protect Trump, it seems unlikely he will agree to flip on his former boss and agree to testify against him. If he does dig in his heels, he will be indicted, prosecuted, and, if convicted, spend decades in prison.

Bannon is now more in the spotlight than ever before as the fiancée of former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos says Papadopoulos was in direct contact with both Bannon and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn during the 2016 campaign and kept them informed of his contacts with Russian official who wanted to help assure Trump won the election. Both Papadopoulos and Flynn pled guilty to charges of lying to the FBI and are now assisting with the Mueller probe.

Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Bannon will also be called before his committee:

“I think it’ll be very important at an appropriate time to bring him before the committee. There are a whole range of issues we need to talk to him about.”

Bannon, perhaps more than any other figure in the Russia investigation, should be nervous right now. He was one of the insiders who knew the most about the inner workings of the Trump campaign. And that means he has more exposure than many of those who have already been indicted.

Featured Image Via CBS News