WATCH: This Video Proves That Trump And Putin Use The EXACT SAME Talking Points

Donald Trump swears he isn’t in the back pocket of Russian president Vladimir Putin, but his actions certainly suggest otherwise. For example:

  • Trump refuses to say anything negative about Putin.
  • The Trump administration has repeatedly delayed a new package of sanctions against Russia that were overwhelmingly passed by both houses of Congress.

And now we know that Trump and his BFF in the Kremlin also talk the same way.

MSNBC has edited together footage of Trump’s most recent rally in Florida with Putin’s annual press conference in Moscow. Both of them dismiss the notion that Russia might have helped Trump win the 2016 election. Both also whine about “fake news.” Oddly, both of them also brag about the surge in the American stock market.

Are Trump and Putin reading from the same script? Watch the video below and decide for yourself:

Featured Image Via The White House