Eric Trump On Fox News: Silly Billies, My Daddy’s Way Too Greedy To Be A Racist

Eric Trump
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Tuesday, on Fox and Friends, Eric Trump took some time away from physically kissing his daddy’s orange ass to take lessons from the pros who do it virtually every day. Donald Trump’s eldest son lauded his daddy’s “accomplishments” and dismissed his critics. He also defended his father against allegations of racism by using greed as a defense.

Eric’s daddy recently landed in hot water after reportedly labeling Haiti and African countries as “shitholes,” and complaining about why the U.S. doesn’t seek to let in more white people from countries like Norway instead.

Trump told host Brian Kilmeade:

“My father sees one color, green — that is all he cares about,” Eric Trump said. “He does not see race — he’s the least racist person I have ever met in my entire life. It is total nonsense.”

Well, that should put that rest.

Like daddy, Eric Trump faces his own legal troubles, namely having his foundation under federal investigation for fraud. However, he did see fit to use the rest of his airtime to bash Democrats for daring to oppose his daddy’s toxic agenda.

“They don’t stand for anything, they have been obstructionists. They waste a tremendous amount of money,” he said. “They come out, no matter what he did — if he would solve cancer tomorrow they would criticize him for it. That is very, very sad.”

Awe, wasn’t that cute? It’s like watching a toddler try on daddy’s tie.

In Eric Trump’s struggle to remain relevant in the media he recently tweeted about how the “Deep State” was forcing his daddy to follow Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter. It’s clear that the “Deep State” is once again hard at work trying to paint Trump as a racist and his children as drooling, inheritance-chasing sycophants who will say and do anything their father tells them. But Eric’s got their number!

Way to go, Eric, keep defending your daddy! You’re doing great champ!

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