Andrew Anglin Wants To Turn Your Kids Into Nazis (TWEET)

One of the most disturbing things about the recent spate of neo-Nazi and white supremacist demonstrations is how young the great majority of the participants are. A look at the Tiki torch rally that took place before things went crazy in Charlottesville last summer shows a large number of men in their teens and early 20s.

The racists haven’t let the bad publicity from Charlottesville deter them. Barely a month after the rally, they were trying to recruit teenagers via Pokemon.

Well, according to the “man” behind the biggest and baddest hate site on the tubes, that’s no accident. He openly admits that he wants to reach teenagers.

Last Sunday, Andrew Anglin, the thug-in-chief of Daily Stormer, called into “Radical Agenda,” the Internet radio show hosted by comrade-in-arms Christopher Cantwell. You may know Cantwell as the guy who blubbered like a baby after finding out that University of Virginia police had a warrant for his arrest. He’s currently on house arrest while awaiting trial for pepper-spraying counter-protesters.

During the discussion, Anglin made an alarming disclosure–Daily Stormer is “mainly designed to target children.” Specifically, it’s intended to reel in kids as young as 11 years old. He believes that if kids are converted to white nationalist and neo-Nazi ideals early on, they don’t have to be “redpilled,” or brainwashed into becoming hard right.

Anglin wasn’t just talking in the abstract. Remember, James Fields, the thug who murdered Heather Heyer, had his head turned with neo-Nazi ideas while he was still in high school. Several of his former classmates recalled how he openly displayed swastikas, and one of his teachers recalled that he was “infatuated” with Nazis.

Cantwell seemed to have a brief attack of morality when a 14-year-old called in. He admitted that he sometimes feels guilty when teenagers call in. Anglin had no such qualms. He claimed that he felt “no guilt at all” because he was “doing something very good and meaningful.” He believes that emails from teenagers are proof that “we’re changing the future by influencing young people.”

Let’s review what Anglin considers to be “very good and meaningful.” Besides posts that are overflowing with racial slurs, racist memes, and the like, Daily Stormer’s stock in trade is relentless trolling of anyone it believes to be pushing an “anti-white” agenda. For example, it has orchestrated nonstop harassment of Heyer’s family since Fields murdered her in August. they It’s gotten so bad that Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, was forced to bury her daughter’s ashes in a secret spot known only to her, other family members, and close friends.

Heyer’s murder at the hands of Fields should have been a wake-up call to every parent, grandparent, teacher, and school administrator in this country. After all, if someone had intervened early on when it was apparent Fields’ head was being turned with hate, Heyer is very likely still alive.

But anyone who wasn’t alarmed at Fields’ past should be alarmed this interview should be alarmed by this interview. Granted, public schools don’t have nearly as much latitude as private schools have to nip hate in the bud. But something has to be done, and promptly.

(featured image courtesy Southern Poverty Law Center)

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