Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Just Banned Press From Political Event

Donald Trump’s infamous Secretary of Mis-Education Betsy DeVos has taken a page from her boss’s playbook and in choosing to avoid the press at any cost. During an upcoming speech titled “Preparing the Workforce of the Future,” at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, DeVos has reportedly requested that the press not be allowed to cover her address.

Politico correspondent Caitlin Emma reports, a spokeswoman for the event stated that Devos’ speech is under a press blackout “at the request of the secretary.” However, as Emma also observed, “Similar conference sessions on topics like climate change, gun violence, and substance abuse treatment are open press.”

Unlike many other Trump administration cabinet members, DeVos’ appointment has managed to inflame the passions of thousands of teachers and students around the country. First, there’s the fact that the Secretary bought and paid for her position by donating and raising millions for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Then there’s the fact that she has absolutely zero experience in the field of education and us grossly underqualified for the position (much like her boss).  Most people can never forget her cringeworthy confirmation hearing, in which she could not answer the most fundamental questions any person applying for her job should be able to answer.

DeVos could easily be the most despised person in Trump’s cabinet members; she’s even found herself unwelcome even in venues that support Trump.

And things can go south even when she manages to find a favorable audience. For example, during a speech at a recent corporate school reform event, DeVos cited a survey conducted by the American Federation of Teachers concerning teacher stress. However, after the speech, the union also pointed out that in the same poll, the majority of teachers said they felt DeVos disrespected them.

DeVos’ unpopularity is completely justified, aside from her aristocratic upbringing, she’s also a strong advocate for privatizing education and taking funds away from public schools. She’s also implemented policies that erode the hard-fought gains made by the Civil Rights movement. Perhaps one of her most disgusting policies involves directing universities and colleges to allow accused rapists to interrogate their alleged victims directly. She’s also met with a rape apologist “men’s rights” group and canceled debt relief to millions of students who were scammed by shady for-profit colleges. And as a cherry on top of her shit sundae, she eliminated 72 federal guidelines aimed at helping public schools better accommodate students with disabilities.

Now, this clueless, elitist, backward-thinking, bible-thumping, Trump lovin’ brain donor wants to lecture people on “preparing the workforce of the future?”