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JUST IN: Christie Brinkley Comes Forward With Shocking Accusations Against Trump

All of Pres. Donald Trump’s wives have done some modeling. They were all z-list models, of course, but he allegedly tried to up his game in the 1980s (he was married to first wife Ivana) when he made a pass at the woman who is perhaps the most famous and successful model of all time: Christie Brinkley. So yeah, go ahead and add her to the ever-growing list of high-profile-out-of-his-league women a married Donald Trump has tried to sleep with.

“The incident happened back in the ’80s when, both Trump and Brinkley were heading to that most ’80s of hotspots: Aspen, Colorado. Somehow, Trump had gotten word that Brinkley was on her way, so he phoned her up while she was staying at the Plaza Hotel and offered a ride to Colorado on his private jet. Brinkley, of course, was already in a high profile relationship with musician Billy Joel at the time.” (via)

Brinkley politely declined, of course, and told Porter magazine that she suspected he was “chasing skirts.” What a sweet way to say “dude is a major predator.”

The exact conversation, according to Brinkley.

“My phone rings and this guy goes, ‘Hey, Christie, it’s The Donald.’ I say, ‘Hi, Billy,’ because I was dating Billy [Joel] at the time,” Brinkley told Porter magazine, as reported by The Sunday Times. “But the voice goes, ‘No, no. It’s The Donald!’ So I say, ‘What’s up?’ And he says, ‘I hear you’re leaving for Aspen tomorrow. I am too. I’d like to give you a ride on my private jet.’

“I reply, ‘Thank you, but I have already arranged my flights.’ ‘So cancel them!’ was his response and I say, ‘No, thank you. I’m going with friends,'” she told Porter magazine.

So desperate. Ugh.

christie brinkley accuses donald trump
Brinkley shares a table with Trump at a 2011 fundraising event, via Hampton Sheet

This is no surprise. Trump, married to first wife Ivana at the time, famously cheated on his wife with his second wife, Marla Maples.

Christie Brinkley is sooooo done being polite.

“I’m done being discreet,” she said. “I’ve had dinner with him. I’ve always found him smarmy, as in, ‘Watch out, part the waves, the rich people are coming, everything is gold, solid 24-carat gold, the best, the greatest, nobody else has more gold on anything in their house than me. Did you bring a brush? Let’s gold-leaf it!”

** wince **

Predictably, the White House didn’t immediately respond. Ha.

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Written by Tiffany Willis Clark

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