Omarosa Warns Us That Pence Would Be Worse Than Trump (VIDEOS)

Omarosa at Black Girls Rock & Soul Tour 2011 (image courtesy DrivingtheNortheast, available under a Creative Commons-Attribution license)
Omarosa at Black Girls Rock & Soul Tour 2011 (image courtesy DrivingtheNortheast, available under a Creative Commons-Attribution license)

For two-plus years, Omarosa was one of the loudest and most obnoxious members of a very exclusive club–blacks who supported Donald Trump. During the campaign, she warned us that we would all bow down to Trump if he won. After Trump took office, she warned a reporter to watch his step, since the White House had dossiers on journalists that had dared cross the Donald.

But to put it mildly, Omarosa has fallen out of love, and bigly, with Trump since she was pushed out in late December. She now says she will never even consider voting for Trump again. Well, on Tuesday’s edition of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Omarosa used her insider experience to warn us that Mike Pence could also be a disaster waiting to happen.

We already saw clips of Omarosa laying into Trump. But while discussing the shutdown and the fallout over the Dreamers, Omarosa tore into Pence as well. Watch here.

While sitting with her “Big Brother” colleagues, Omarosa mused that from what she saw in the White House, “you would be worried about Pence” if he ascended to the presidency. She had a warning for never-Trump Republicans–they might want to “reconsider their life,” because they would be “begging for days of Trump back” if we ended up with a President Pence.

Omarosa believes Pence is “extreme,” and was somewhat put off by how he wears his evangelicalism on his sleeve.

“I’m Christian, I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. I’m like, ‘Jesus didn’t say that.'”

This isn’t the first time we’ve been warned that Pence could potentially be worse than Trump. HuffPost’s Jerry Bowles wrote in 2016 that Pence is so far to the right, particularly on social issues, that he would “set the clock back to 1954.” The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen slammed Pence as the epitome of “a soulless and opportunistic Republican Party”–a man who is “not loyal even to himself.” After all, Cohen notes, Pence has only seen fit to condemn Trump once–for the “Access Hollywood” tape.

The ladies on “The View” appeared to be of the same mind as Omarosa. Watch here.

Sunny Hostin was just as unnerved by Pence reportedly claiming to be fed lines from Jesus. She thought that Pence’s in-your-face Christianity would put us in “a dangerous position.” She wasn’t comfortable with the prospect of “our politics being served on a religious veneer.” Sherri Shepard wondered how long Pence’s conversations with Jesus actually lasted, since “anything that is too much is concerning.” Joy Behar wondered if Pence talked to Mary Magdalene without his wife in the room.

It’s beyond dispute that Pence is at least as morally bankrupt as Trump. After all, this is a man who was willing to be on the same ticket as a guy who plastered a private cell phone on social media, mocked the disabled, condoned violence at his rallies, and had a bad habit of stiffing people who worked for him.

Of course, we’re overlooking the 500-pound gorilla in the room. Given that we already know that Trump fostered an environment in which senior aides were at least willing to solicit help from a hostile power–Russia–the entire ticket is tainted. In that light, even if Pence were a thousand times better than Trump, a President Pence would not be legitimate in any event.

(featured image courtesy DrivingtheNortheast, available under a Creative Commons-BY license)


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